TARGET ZHONGCUN Sheetmetal & Assembly

Manufacturing space: 20,000 square meters.
Employees: 450.

Our ISO 9001:2008 certfied Zhongcun Assembly facility manufactures commercial, architectural and decorative lighting fixtures and sub-assemblies. Many of our assembly lines are structured for high mix/low volume production, giving us the versatility to manufacture many different products in the same facility at one time.

In our Zhongcun Assembly Facility we also apply wet spray paint finishes, as well as various chemical dips to provide a wide variety of decorative finishes for our lighting products.

Large equipment/metalworking operations: Target's Amada turret presses, press brakes and CNC shear are located in this facility.

Lighting Products Testing: In our Lighting Fixture Test Laboratory, we perform thermal testing on lighting fixtures to assist in determining their design viability for National Certifications.

We are a contract manufacturer: all our fixtures and parts are proprietary to our clients. We take intellectual property very seriously; our in-house engineering units carry out rigorous procedures to segregate and store design-specific information.

Please contact us if you would like to schedule a visit or have questions about our metalworking and assembly capabilities. If you would like to review our equipment list, please request a guest pass.

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06.15.2024   Saturday
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