Seamless communications.

Via our professional customer service here in China and US and European representative staff, we provide excellent quality communication and after-sales support.


Engineering services.

Throughout the corporation, Target maintains a staff of 50+ mechanical engineers dedicated to providing our customers with timely and intelligent engineered products.


Product testing capabilities.

Target has an extensive collection of testing equipment that we use to verify alloy chemistry, material and coating specifications and luminaire water- and dust-tightness.
See the Product Testing section and our equipment list for specifics.


Intellectual property protection.

Target is well-known throughout the lighting industry for our commitment to the protection of intellectual property. As a sole OEM and exporter, our only market is our clients in the lighting, electronics and industrial products industries.


Creative options for cost savings.

We work with our clients to build products that are value engineered according to their needs, and to re-fit older products and give them new life in today's market.

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