TARGET XIONGZHI Die Casting & Assembly

Manufacturing space: 24,000 square meters.
Employees: 610.

In this ISO 9001:2008 Certified facility Target produces die cast parts for the lighting, electronics and industrial products industries. We pour A360 and A380 aluminum as well as brass.. Our die casting machines range in size from 160T to 2000T. We manufacture our casting dies in-house.

This facility provides polishing, trimming, sanding and other die casting cleanup services on site, and there is also a machining shop where we drill and tap holes, add punched or milled features or otherwise process die castings as required by the application.

We use Wagner and ITW Gema powder coating equipment, in order to provide top quality coatings for our die cast luminaires and industrial sub-assemblies. Pretreatment for die castings is now done via a RoHS-compliant passivation process.

In our onsite test laboratory, Target tests the chemistry of both incoming ingot and our own castings, to validate the quality of our manufactured parts. We also maintain the test equipment required to carry out the rain tests, salt spray tests, electrical/thermal testing, vibration testing and dust-tightness tests that are required for UL certification and IP ratings.

We are a contract manufacturer, so the 1400+ die casting dies we have in stock are proprietary to our clients. We take intellectual property very seriously; our in-house engineering units carry out rigorous procedures to segregate and store design-specific information. .

Please contact us for visit scheduling or if you have questions about our die casting, powder coating and assembly capabilities. If you would like to review our equipment list, please request a guest pass.


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04.25.2024   Thursday
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