TARGET XIONGYI Precision Metalworking

Manufacturing space: 28,000 square meters.
Employees: 1200.

This ISO9001: 2008 Certified facility produces machined parts from brass, aluminum and stainless steel stock for use in our lighting products. We also manufacture machinings for the electronics industry, and perform high precision machining operations on our own die castings or on extrusions when required.

Because of the high precision nature of our machining work, we maintain specialized inspection equipment including a Tesa micro-hite gauge and CMM, and thus are able to do the in-line inspection work necessary to generate CpK data during a production run. We use the Six Sigma system for our factory and machining operations process control.

At this facility we also do chemical wash coatings and lacquering. Xiongyi has purchased a plating facility off-site, which will ensure that we have a steady and superior quality supply of electroplated parts available for our use.

At Xiongyi we assemble our machinings into lighting fixtures for low voltage systems and other relevant lighting applications. We are experienced in high mix/low volume production methods as well as regular long production runs.

We are a contract manufacturer: all our fixtures and parts are proprietary to our clients. We take intellectual property very seriously; our in-house engineering units carry out rigorous procedures to segregate and store design-specific information.

Please contact us if you have questions about our machining capabilities or to schedule a visit, or request a guest pass to review our equipment list.


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