Target Engineering develops lighting, electronics and industrial products for US, European and Australian manufacturers, undertaking projects of all sizes and complexity. Whether the product is a new idea or the redesign of existing product, our experienced engineers can take our client's ideas from concept to a finished, marketable product.

Our industrial designers create collections of lighting fixtures for our clients upon request. In recent years we have created many successful architectural and decorative lighting fixtures as well as landscape lighting systems.

Target maintains specialized engineering project groups expert in the design and manufacture of industrial products, architectural lighting and decorative lighting fixtures and sub-assemblies. We also have a very talented R&D engineering group specializing in designing LED products. Target not only can build per client's exact specifications and BOM, but can also take in ''napkin sketch'' designs or hand samples, and create a mature product for the client to take to market. In recent years, products designed in our engineering groups have won the Red Dot award, Best Engineering Design at Lightfair in the US, and Best New Product at Dallas Market.

An integral part of product design and manufacture is the testing of materials and luminaires. Target has extensive test laboratories with equipment that can test alloy chemistry, material hardness and coating specification, as well as luminaire safety and conformance to UL, ENEC and other certifications. See our Product Testing section or our equipment list for details.

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