Industries Served: Lighting, Electronics & Industrial Products

As a lighting and industrial products manufacturer, Target's primary manufacturing industries are as follows:

Die casting and powder coating

Precision machining

Metal working and painting

We also maintain permanent mold, deep draw, spinning, injection molding, welding, glass cold-working and glass blowing processes as in-house operations to support our manufacture of luminaires, lighting sub-assemblies and other industrial components.

Quality Assurance is critical both during and after the manufacturing process. Target maintains fully-integrated QA teams in each facility. Our Quality Engineers conduct necessary tests in our laboratories and ensure that our products can function to the end user's expectations as well as remaining in compliance with CUL, ENEC or other certifications. In our facilities we manufacture both customer specified products and ones we have designed and engineered ourselves. For more specifics, please see the facilities section of our website.

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