Energy Efficiency

At our Target group facilities, energy efficiency is a cornerstone of our environmental policy. We continuously improve energy efficiency in our manufacturing facilities in the following ways:

Lamp choice and lighting upgrades. We have upgraded all hi-bays in our manufacturing facilities from Mercury Vapor to Quartz Induction lamps. These lamps are highly efficient and have a long usage life. Our production lines are lit with T5 HO fluorescent tubes and LED light sources. Our office space is lit with a combination of LED lighting, compact fluorescent lighting and T5 fluorescent tubes.

Equipment upgrades. We replaced many of our older die casting machines in 2007; newer equipment is more energy efficient. Most of our die casting will be fed from central melt furnaces, which is a more efficient use of energy than melting ingot in many different side pots. These energy efficiency gains effectively reduce the amount of greenhouse gases that are emitted as a by-product of petrochemical refining and electrical power generation.

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