Water Reclamation

Our die casting facility, Xiongzhi Lighting Industrial Co. Ltd., has a pioneering 3-step water filtration system that enables us to reclaim the water used in our most water-intensive production processes: die casting and powder coat pre-treatment.

In die casting, water is piped to the machines and used to cool the dies. It becomes mixed with mold release, machine oil and flash (scrap aluminum pieces) during the manufacturing process. This water flows from the trough around our casting machines to the first of three underground cisterns for primary water filtration. After primary filtration (in which large pieces of matter are strained out), the water moves to secondary and tertiary filtration in which the oils and mold release chemicals are removed. After filtration is completed, the water is cycled back to the machines to be re-used in the casting process.

During powder coat surface pre-treatment, water becomes contaminated with the various pre-treatment chemicals used in this process. We send the fluid from our pre-treatment tanks through a water filtration process as described above, and it is purified so that it can be used again. In order to enable the use of this water reclamation system for our pre-treatment lines, we have eliminated the use of hexavalent chromium from our in-house powder coating pre-treatment process. Our new RoHS-compliant undercoat for powder coating aluminum die castings is mentioned in our RoHS statement as well as our facility description for Xiongzhi.

In addition to a cost savings on water usage, these built-in environmentally friendly practices help us provide a healthier environment for ourselves and our neighbors. With these practices in place, Xiongzhi's clean manufacturing exceeds the requirements of local environmental regulations.

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