Target is committed to reducing use of materials, reducing waste and recycling used materials wherever possible in our manufacturing processes. Our assembly and manufacturing facilities recycle:

  Scrap sheet metal, ferrous and non-ferrous
  Foam packaging material

These materials are collected by us and sold on contract to local recycling companies for re-manufacture and use in other industries here in China. Recycling of these materials reduces use of energy- and resource-intensive virgin materials, thus benefiting our environment.

As a die caster, we practice responsible aluminum recycling from our casting process: we return all scrap (gates, runners, flash) to our ingot supplier. That foundry re-melts and superheats the scrap in large furnaces to remove impurities, and then adds back elements and virgin material as necessary in order to create the certified aluminum ingot we use in our die casting facility. Since it is melting and not smelting, this recycling process uses a fraction of the energy that is used to smelt aluminum ore.


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